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The black secrets of mafia man called Berlusconi 4/4Time to put an end to this shame

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Silvio Berlusconi was Bettino Craxi's bag boy. He was the spare rib of the old regime.
He is the most efficacious re-cycler of unstuck stucco of the Penta-party. While the
League was bringing down the regime, he was staying at the Old White Mill wearing his little toupee and his plastic-surgery facial. He is an empty-tube know-nothing. But did you see him today, all slick-haired in the midst of those baby blue clouds?
Berlusconi is boiled meat. He is a poor jerk, a traitor to the North, a poor guy served by the Olive Tree. Franceschiello's army behind Corporal D'Alema and his bugle will follow him, but who is Berlusconi?
His Pole is dead and buried. The League does not walk with the dead. The negotiations between the League and Forza Italia are something he made up, poor man. Berlusconi's Neo-CAF party can never make deals with the League. He is the steak and the League is the meat grinder. Berlusconi has the same characteristics as dictators. He is a Kaiser in a double-breasted suit, a little Ceasar. What's more, he is the lead comedian in the little theater of politics. He is the Peròn of social security. He is much worse than Pinochet.

He has something Nazi-oid, Mafioso, about him. The P2-ist is a treacherous fox ready to raid my chicken coop. Berlusconi is the Mafia's man. He is a Palermitano who speaks Meneghino, a Palermitano born in the wrong place and sent here on purpose to screw the North. Fininvest was born of the Cosa Nostra. There are some differences between Berlusconi and us. 'Tis a pity he's a Mafioso.
The problem is that in the North the people are still split into the people who know that Berlusconi is a Mafioso and those that don't know it yet. But the North will kick him out. We don't give a shit about Berlusconi. Answer this! Where does your money come from? From the Mafia finance companies? There are one hundred thousand young people from the North who were killed by drugs. Berlusconi told me in person that the money came from the Banca Rasini, founded by a certain Giuseppe Azzaretto from Palermo, who then managed to keep hold of the whole operation. In that very bank, Silvio's father worked and there were the accounts of many Cosa Nostra members. You have to get to know his roots, his story. Gelli made project-Italy and there was good-man Berlusconi in the P2. After that, the Holding companies were hatched. How can the justice system ever do its duty and go and see where all that spare change comes form remembering that the Mafia made that spare change here with drugs and that from drugs tens of thousands of kids has been killed and that they are crying out to us from under the earth? If he wants to find out the story of the fall of his government, let him come to me and I will spell it out to him. It was me who brought down the party of the Mafiosi. He bought our representatives and I knocked him down. That ugly Mafioso makes money with heroin and cocaine. The Mafioso of Arcore wants to bring Fascism and Southernism to the North. Debating equal broadcast time is too little. I propose a board of inquiry into Berlusconi's getting rich. In Forza Italia there is an oblique collusion of politics, dead criminal silence, and money laundering. The man of the Cosa Nostra - with Fininvest - has something like 38 holding companies. 16 of these are covert. They made the bank of Palermo in Milan, the Banca Rasini, give birth to the bank of the Cosa Nostra in Milan. Forza Italia was created by Marcello Dell'Utri. Look out that the real interests at stake don't come out.
On television nice faces appear and they tell you about this and they tell you about that and they seem like nice people. But look out that Mafia has no limits. The Mafia, the interests of the Mafia are drugs and drugs have killed thousand and thousands of youths, mostly in the North. Palermo has television in its hands and can go into the houses of the good citizen imbeciles of the North. Berlusconi has done what he wanted to with television stations even the local ones, up in the face even of the
Mammì Law. Many fortunes are a shame because they come from tens of thousands of deaths. It's not true that pecunia non olet - money doesn't smell. There is money that smells like sweat and there is money that stinks like Mafia. But if it weren't for that power, the Pole would melt away in a few hours. Meet with Berlusconi again at
No more agreements with the Pole. Three years ago they thought they could put a whammy on us. The wizard of Berlusconi told us: "He who steps out of this magic circle - that is, from my government --dies." We stepped out and sent the wizard his whammy back. There is no magic trick that can make us step back into the circle of Berlusconism. With these people no political agreements. There is a party where Dell'Utri is active, under investigation about the Mafia. The Padania has asked
Berlusconi if he was a Mafioso? But it went much too easy! It should have gone in deeper, into those dead-meat deadbeats linked with Craxi. I will be the guardian of that swindler Berlusconi. We are in conditions dangerous for democracy. If he gets into Palazzo Chigi, what will win is a party that does not exist. One man will win – the Technocrat, the Autocrat. I say what I think. He does what he cashes in on. He treats the state as if it were a corporation. But just who does he think he is, the Nembo Kid?
But do you think it is possible that someone who owns 140 companies can work in the interests of the citizens? When that guy cries, have a little laugh. It means that everything is OK, that he hasn't yet gotten to lay his hands on the safe. Berlusconi-
Berluscosa-Berluskaz-Berluskaiser has to get it into his head that I have sworn a blood oath with the Bergamaschi. I swore to them that I would do everything to have a change. There's not a villa, not a present, not a winking eye that can knock me off my path. Berluscoso ought to know that up our way people are ready to kick his ratty ass.
It would just take two seconds and he would have to run away at night. If they find out that he has tricked them, the people of the North, they will roll up his nice villas and his English meadows and dump them all into the Lambro. Berlusconi, as
President of the Council was a drama. When democracy is at stake, it may come into somebody's head to blow up his broadcast towers
Because he brainwashes the people with his televisions with the same old tricks of detergent bag salesmen. His televisions are against the constitution. They should be taken away from him. We find ourselves in a situation of grave unconstitutionality, like South America.
One man has gotten the TV-frequency franchise from the state so that he can condition the people and orient them to vote. This is not happening in any other part of the world.
It's time to put an end to this shame. If you vote for him, he will take away even the curbstones.
If Berlusconi falls, the whole Pole falls and the League will take everything in the North. But they won't make him fall because he may be a son of a bitch, but he is their son of a bitch and that's why they are keeping him on his feet. But the poor man of
Arcore is feeling that the whole bundle load of Forza-Italia and the Pole is going to pieces on him. A mason, a P2-ist like this Arcorist, has always had the problem of doing "his thing" -- doing Cosa sua or Cosa nostra. But look out, Berlusconi. Not the
Mafia, not the P2, not America can get to destroy our society. And he in the end will have a little place in hell because that one there, they won't even be able to cram him into purgatory.
Because it is Berlusconi who should disappear from circulation, not the League
It's not us who have picked a fight with Berlusconi. It's history that has picked a fight with him.
(The words in the text above are literal quotations from the words of Umberto Bossi.
They date from 1994 to 1999. This was the time of the tension in the first Berlusconi government and of the break between Bossi and Berlusconi in December, 1994. This was before they made peace again at the end of 1999. The words were taken from newspapers and press agencies. The dates are the following: 1,7,9,10,13 March 1994;
5 April 1994; 4, 11,23,31 May 1994; 1,12,17 June 1994; 29 July 1994; 6,8,13 August
1994; 1 September 1994; 6,20,23 December 1994; 14 January 1995; 22 March 1995;
13 April 1995; 10 June 1995; 29 July 1995; 25 January 1996; 14,19,25 August 1997;
18 June 1998; 22 July 1998; 13 September 1998; 3, 27 October 1998; 24 February
1999; 13 April 1999; 10 September 1999; 19 October 1999)


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