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Iran the current threat nuclear today

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Iran has not yet mastered the techniques of turning uranium into uranium gas, which is necessary to produce highly enriched uranium. They do not have enough centrifuges to enrich the uranium either for fuel rods or for weapons, nor have they gotten the test cascade of centrifuges that they’ve assembled to work properly.

Finally, they have yet to develop a design for a missile warhead which could carry a nuclear payload.


Freemasons the Secret Seat of Power in America from George C. Marshall to OBAMA

Who are the most dangerous members of the various secret societies skulking the earth, people with power to change our lives and direct the course of history? According to sources claiming inner knowledge of the group’s true purpose, they are Freemasons.
Masonic conspirators choose international leaders, launch wars, control currencies and infiltrate society, among other applications of their hidden powers, or so the tales propose.
When anyone questions this premise, conspiracy theorists trot out an impressive array of proof, beginning with a recital of influential men through history who were undeniably associated with Masonry, including many signers of the U.S. Declaration of Independence. Who holds higher positions in the American pantheon of heroes and great thinkers than Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and Andrew Jackson? All were Freemasons. In fact, at least twenty-five U.S
Presidents and vice-presidents have been active and enthusiastic supporters of Masonry. Two of them—Harry Truman and Gerald Ford—could boast 33rd Degree status, the highest level of recognition within the organization.



Into Marilyn or her sex goddess legend in this article, her story is one of the most told, her foibles and weakness the most exploited by polite ironists.
Marilyn herself would be embarrassed to see the shrines relegated to her memory.
One of the best and most comprehensive reads on her affairs with the Kennedy brothers, her passionate pursuit of love and her subsequent death, is the Crime Library articles on Marilyn


US President Roosevelt and PEARL HARBOR Conspiracy

Monday, January 17, 2011

The key question: Why was the USA so unprepared for the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941?
Your task: Your task is to study the sources and reach an official judgment on why the US was taken so much by surprise at Pearl Harbor in 1941.

On the morning of December 7th 1941 Japanese aircraft and submarines attacked the US Pacific fleet in its base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
The fleet was devastated and it was pure luck that the most important ships in the fleet, the US aircraft carriers, were out at sea. Why was the USA taken so completely by surprise?


Did 911 attack ordered by CHINEY and why

Saturday, January 15, 2011

the official 9/11 Commission Report(CR) said Vice President Richard Cheney did not arrive at the Presidential Emergency Operations Center(PEOC) under the White House until “shortly before 10 a.m.” that tragic day, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta testified when he arrived in the room at 9:20 a.m. Cheney was already there. (CR published no testimony from Mineta.)
The timeline is important because if Cheney arrived at 10 a.m. it would have been about 20 minutes after the Pentagon was allegedly struck by a hijacked airplane at 9:38 a.m., too late for him to authorize the Air Force to shoot it down. Some 125 Pentagon employees perished in the attack.


Believe or not: America secrets bases under your home

(Deep sections of the complex connect into natural cavern systems. Level 1 - garage for street maintenance. Level 2 - garage for trains, shuttles, tunnel-boring machines and disc maintenance. Level 3 - everyone is weighed, in the nude, then given a jump suit uniform.)
This is a dark secret, and it's right under our noses. It's the reality of the existence of DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASES. These Underground bases get prominent play in dark rumors circulating about captured extraterrestrials and alien technology. The fringe culture rumors of underground alien-human shenanigans are in reality fed by leaks from questionable individuals, usually with intelligence connections.


Real Cases of sex trade in Israel

Friday, January 14, 2011

Important notice: All names have been changed to protect the identities of the women involved.
Anna’s story
I don't know the outcome of the trial. I only know that Arthur [the pimp] is at liberty. talked to him on the phone. When the police arrested us they did not allow us to take our things with us, so they are still there. Arthur knows my address in St Petersburg and my telephone number because he kept my passport. I have a small daughter, eight years old there. He threatened that he would find me in Russia, at home, if I did not do what he wanted me to.”
Anna, a 31-year-old physics teacher from St Petersburg in the Russian Federation arrived in Israel on a tourist visa in October 1998. She had been lured to Israel by the promise of a job earning US$1,000 a month, 20 times her salary in the Russian Federation. The Israeli national who had offered her the job made it clear that she would be involved in the sex industry, but promised her good working conditions. 


Shame secrets about victim's women in Israel’s sex industry

Every year hundreds of women are trafficked from countries of the former Soviet Union (FSU) for the purpose of working in Israel’s sex industry. Many of these women are subjected to human rights abuses in Israel, such as violent assaults, enslavement and other restrictions on their liberty at the hands of traffickers, pimps or others involved in Israel’s sex industry. The Israeli government has failed to take adequate measures to prevent, investigate, prosecute and punish human rights abuses committed against trafficked women in the context of trafficking. In addition, their plight is compounded by the absence of any asylum adjudication procedure in Israel despite its ratification of the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees. This in turn makes trafficked women vulnerable to the possibility of being forcibly returned to countries where they risk being subjected to human rights abuses.
 In recent years, increased attention has been devoted to the global phenomenon of trafficking in persons. However, there has been a marked tendency on the part of governmental and intergovernmental actors to conceive trafficking in persons as smuggling, thereby mistaking it simply for an infringement of immigration, labour or criminal legislation and focussing on it exclusively in the larger context of transnational organized crime. 


Last Leaks about Pentagon Top Secret Operation

Another new Top Secret and compartmented operation related to the military’s extra-legal powers regarding weapons of mass destruction. It allows for emergency military operations in the United States without civilian supervision or control.
A spokesman at the Joint Force Headquarters-National Capital Region (JFHQ-NCR) confirmed the existence of Granite Shadow but all he would say is that Granite Shadow is the unclassified name for a classified plan.
That classified plan, after extensive research and after making a couple of assumptions, is CONPLAN 0400, formally titled Counter-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction.
Concept Plan (CONPLAN) 0400 is a long-standing contingency plan of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) that serves as the umbrella for military efforts to counter the spread of weapons of mass destruction. It has extensively been updated and revised since 9/11.


Legend of Mossad

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Institute for Intelligence and Special Tasks, a k a "Mossad" (Hebrew for "institute"), is the Israeli equivalent of the CIA. It engages in foreign espionage and covert action. (Another agency, Shin Bet, is in charge of domestic intelligence gathering and security.) Only rarely does the Israeli government publicly acknowledge Mossad.
The agency is accountable only to the prime minister and has little civilian oversight; even the size of its budget remains a secret.
Mossad was founded in 1951 when newly independent Israel reorganized its national defense. It assumed control over the network of agents in Europe and the Middle East that had organized illegal Jewish immigration to Palestine.
Mossad stationed its agents in Israel's European embassies, where they cultivated "volunteers"—Jews working in foreign governments who fed them information. Other newly recruited agents were assigned to infiltrate Arab governments. The most famous example:
In the '60s, Mossad agent Eli Cohen befriended Syrian President Amin al-Hafez and was nearly named Syria's defense minister.



(This is depends on eye witness we unveiled his real personality so please read careful and join our discussion with your feed back) 
The success of Bush Vice Presidential running mate Richard Cheney at leading Halliburton, Inc. to a five year $3.8 billion "pig-out" on federal contracts and taxpayer-insured loans is only a partial indicator of what may happen if the Bush ticket wins in two weeks. A closer look at available research, including an
August 2, 2000 report by the Center for Public Integrity (CPI) at, suggests that drug money has played a role in the successes achieved by Halliburton under Cheney's tenure as CEO from 1995 to 2000. This is especially true for
Halliburton's most famous subsidiary, heavy construction and oil giant, Brown and Root
A deeper look into history reveals that Brown and Root's past as well as the past of Dick Cheney himself, connect to the international drug trade on more than one occasion and in more than one way.
This June the lead Washington, D.C. attorney for a major Russian oil company connected in law enforcement reports to heroin smuggling and also a beneficiary of US backed loans to pay for Brown and Root contracts in Russia, held a $2.2 million fund raiser to fill the already bulging coffers of presidential candidate George W. Bush.


The black secrets of mafia man called Berlusconi 4/4Time to put an end to this shame

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Silvio Berlusconi was Bettino Craxi's bag boy. He was the spare rib of the old regime.
He is the most efficacious re-cycler of unstuck stucco of the Penta-party. While the
League was bringing down the regime, he was staying at the Old White Mill wearing his little toupee and his plastic-surgery facial. He is an empty-tube know-nothing. But did you see him today, all slick-haired in the midst of those baby blue clouds?
Berlusconi is boiled meat. He is a poor jerk, a traitor to the North, a poor guy served by the Olive Tree. Franceschiello's army behind Corporal D'Alema and his bugle will follow him, but who is Berlusconi?
His Pole is dead and buried. The League does not walk with the dead. The negotiations between the League and Forza Italia are something he made up, poor man. Berlusconi's Neo-CAF party can never make deals with the League. He is the steak and the League is the meat grinder. Berlusconi has the same characteristics as dictators. He is a Kaiser in a double-breasted suit, a little Ceasar. What's more, he is the lead comedian in the little theater of politics. He is the Peròn of social security. He is much worse than Pinochet.


The black secrets of mafia man called Berlusconi 3/4Berlusconi criminal life and trials

Lies about the P2 lodge (perjury)

In 1990 the Venice Court of Appeals found Berlusconi guilty of giving false testimony under oath before the Tribunal of Verona in relation to his membership in the P2. However, the crime was pardoned by the amnesty of 1989. Questioned under oath, Berlusconi stated "I do not remember the exact date of my joining the P2.

However, I remember that it was a little bit before the scandal …. I have never paid a membership fee and this was never asked of me." However, Berlusconi was a P2
member in 1978 (The scandal broke out in 1981.) He had paid his membership fee.
The Venice Court of Appeals wrote: "The Judicial Panel holds that the defendant's declarations do not reflect the truth …. They are in conflict with the findings of the
Anselmi commission and the defendant's own testimony heard before a judge in
Milan and never disputed …. Therefore it follows that Berlusconi has declared a falsehood." He has given "false testimony." He has "fully conformed to the objective and subjective characteristics of the crime of perjury." However, "the crime is nullified by virtue of amnesty."
Bribes to the Guardia di Finanza [Treasury Police] (bribery)


The black secrets of mafia man called Berlusconi 2/4Facts about the mystery life of BERLUSCONI

The life and career of the entrepreneur Silvio Berlusconi remains studded with black holes and unanswered questions in spite of the authorized biographies that he has had published or promoted for auto-hagiographic ends over the years. This is a little review of the most disquieting omissions.

1) Edilnord Sas is the company Silvio Berlusconi founded 1963 to build Milano 2.
The limited partners on the operational level are, besides the future Knight of Labor, the accountant Edoardo Piccitto and the builders Pietro Canali, Enrico Botta and
Giovanni Botta. The limited partners who financed the operation are banker Carlo
Rasini, owner of the bank of the same name on the Via dei Mercanti in Milan, and business attorney Renzo Rezzonico, legal represntative of a Lugano investment firm,
Finanzierungesellshaft für Residenzen Ag  whose real owners are to remain unknown forever. However, these must have been very optimistic people to have entrusted enormous capital to Berlusconi, a young 27-year-old man who, up until that time, had not yet given off any proof of management skills worthy of note.


The black secrets of mafia man called Berlusconi 1/4General investigation in Berlusconi life

1936. Born in Milan on September 29, the eldest of the three children (two boys and a girl) of Luigi Berlusconi, employee of the Banca Rasini, and Rosa Bossi, housewife.
1954. Graduates from the Salesian classical secondary school Copernico and enrolls
in the Law School of the State University of Milan. In his spare time, he works as a
door-to-door electric brush salesman and as a wedding and funeral photographer, plays the contrabass and sings (even on cruise ships) in the band of his childhood friend, Fedele Confalonieri.
1957. First steady job in with the building firm, Immobiliare costruzioni.
1961. Graduates law school in Milan with the maximum score of 110 cum laude, writing a thesis on the legal aspects of advertising contracts. He wins a two-million lire scholarship offered by the Manzoni firm. He does not serve in the military for reasons unknown. He goes into real estate, purchasing a piece of land in Via Alciati thanks of the guarantees given him by banker Carlo Rasini, who obtains a partner for him, the builder Pietro Canali. The firm Cantieri Riuniti Milanesi is founded.


Obama told him that he stills a Muslim: the great secret of U S a Muslim president

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii, to a Christian mother from Kansas and a Muslim father from Kenya, although neither parent was religious--his father, a proclaimed atheist. Despite the fact that the Illinois Senator running for the United States Presidency has been a member of the United Church of Christ for over two decades, Barack Hussein Obama’s religious affiliation tends to remain a ball of confusion.
Obama’s spiritual roots has caused some to meander far and wide. Stories have circulated suggesting that Obama is tied to some type of Muslim conspiracy or infiltration process and that he refuses to recite the Pledge of Allegiance--or should he utter the pledge, he does so without holding his hand to his heart.


Untold secrets about Flight 77 and Pentagon crashed

Monday, January 10, 2011

NTSB flight data indicates Flight 77 never dropped below 273 feet! Therefore, Flight 77 could not have crashed into the Pentagon, only 71 feet tall.
Data released by the NTSB in response to an FOIA request by Pilots for 911 Truth are nothing less than the raw "block box' file, the official 'flight data' recorded from Flight 77. It's a digital record of everything that happened on that flight from take off. Additionally, altitude and position are confirmed by the beacon at nearby Reagan National Airport.

The data proves that the US government is lying to us about 911. The data is consistent with those who suspect that 911 was engineered by a Bush cabal who continues to exploit 911 for geo-political reasons, the acquisition of foreign oil by conquest and the suppression of dissent.
All the documentation for this article as well as the video by Pilots for 911 truth is from the US government or official agencies of the US government, specifically the FBI and the NTSB.
The Flight data recorder is the FA2100 Solid State Flight Data Recorders, a product of L3 Communications. The purpose of a flight data recorder is to record precisely what happens to a plane during the course of the flight. According to Calum Douglas, Pilots for 911 Truth requested and eventually received a 25 megabyte .fdr file in response to its FOIA request.


Secret US military's Weather Modification Weapon

It isn't just conspiracy theorists who are concerned about HAARP. The European Union called the project a global concern and passed a resolution calling for more information on its health and environmental risks. Despite those concerns, officials at HAARP insist the project is nothing more sinister than a radio science research facility." -- Quote from a TV documentary on HAARP by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is a little-known, yet critically important U.S. military defense program which has generated quite a bit of controversy over the years in certain circles.


Sarah Palin: is that a warning to threats against Barack Obama

The Republican vice presidential candidate attracted criticism for accusing Mr Obama of "palling around with terrorists", citing his association with the sixties radical William Ayers.
The attacks provoked a near lynch mob atmosphere at her rallies, with supporters yelling "terrorist" and "kill him" until the McCain campaign ordered her to tone down the rhetoric.
But it has now emerged that her demagogic tone may have unintentionally encouraged white supremacists to go even further.
The Secret Service warned the Obama family in mid October that they had seen a dramatic increase in the number of threats against the Democratic candidate, coinciding with Mrs Palin's attacks.
Michelle Obama, the future First Lady, was so upset that she turned to her friend and campaign adviser Valerie Jarrett and said: "Why would they try to make people hate us?"


Last leak about America's Secret Prisons

On January 28 in, Anand Gopal headlined, "Night Raids, Hidden Detention Centers, the 'Black Jail,' and the Dogs of War in Afghanistan," recounting unreported US media stories about killings, abductions, detentions, interrogations, and torture in "a series of prisons on US military bases around the country." Bagram prison, for example, is "a facility with a notorious reputation for abusive behavior," including brutalizing torture and cold-blooded murder.

Even worse is the "Black Jail," a facility consisting of individual windowless concrete cells with bright 24-hour lighting, described by one former detainee as "the most dangerous and fearful place" in which prisoners endure appalling treatment.


CIA Drug trafficking and trading secrets

Imagine that what we posted here is the truth and try to find any reason explain why CIA involved in Drug trafficking and trading with that summery about its operation but don’t forget to feedback here please

1947 to 1951, France
CIA arms, money, and disinformation enabled Corsican criminal syndicates in Marseille to wrestle control of labor unions from the Communist Party.
The Corsicans gained political influence and control over the docks -- ideal conditions for cementing a long-term partnership with mafia drug distributors, which turned Marseille into the postwar heroin capital of the Western world.
Marseille's first heroin laboratories were opened in 1951, only months after the Corsicans took over the waterfront.


AGENT Orange in Vietnam War

AGENT Orange in Vietnam War vivtims 
“Agent Orange” was the code name used for a powerful herbicide employed by the U.S. military during the Vietnam War
The name derives from an orange band painted around metal drums that contained the product. Although initially developed in the 1940s, it was not seriously tested for application in tropical climates until the early 1960s. By 1971, when its use was discontinued, an estimated 20 million gallons of Agent Orange were sprayed in Vietnam, either by hand or (more commonly) in mass drops from aircraft. (The motto of one airborne chemical unit:
“Only You Can Prevent Forests.”)
Agent Orange was a 50–50 mix of two chemicals commonly known as 2,4–D and 2,4,5–T. The combined product was mixed with kerosene or diesel fuel before dispersal in widespread “deforestation” campaigns. A variant form (dubbed “Orange II” or “Super Orange”), used in Vietnam during 1968–69, combined chemicals 2,4–D and 2,4,5–T.
Early health concerns surrounding Agent Orange focused on contamination of the product with TCDD, a form of dioxin related to the dibenzofurans and pcb’s. Some dioxins occur in nature and may be harmless, but TCDD has produced a wide variety of diseases in lab testing on animals, including several ailments fatal to humans.


Scandal of room 40 the most mysteries of the First World War

Admiral William Reginald Hall was an officer of the Royal Navy, that is to say a regular officer trained for the service from the age of fourteen. His father had been a captain, R.N. and, which is relevant but not necessarily indicative, had been the first Director of the Intelligence Division at the Admiralty when that branch of the naval staff was created in 1882.
Born in 1870, Reginald Hall was known as 'Blinker' owing to a slight facial tic nerveux, In 1889 he was commissioned sub  lieutenant, R.N., and when not at sea took courses at gunnery and torpedo schools, gaining high honours, which he repeated at the equivalent of a naval staff college. Exceptionally smart, he became a senior staff officer at the age of twenty-seven and was promoted to Commander in 1901. Three years later he commanded his first ship, H.M.S. Cornwallis, in the Mediterranean fleet, described by his biographer to whom much of this information is due as 'one of the smartest ships in a very smart fleet' 1 for her captain was a strict but fair disciplinarian. In 1905 he was made a captain, and when war broke out he was in command of the battle cruiser H.M.S. Queen Mary. But almost immediately, and after only a single, comparatively small engagement with the German navy, his health broke. However, he had already been appointed to his father's old chair, as Director of the Intelligence Division, in late November 1914.


Conspiracy of AFGHANISTAN

Darius I and Alexander the Great were the first conquerors to visit Afghanistan, followed by Muslim invaders in the seventh century, Genghis Khan (13th century) and Tamerlane (14th century). Four hundred years later, the “great game” between England and RUSSIA for control of central Asia sparked three Afghan Wars (1839–42, 1878–80, and 1919).
Britain was victorious, granting Afghani independence in 1919, and the monarchy of Emir Amanullah was founded in 1926.
The Afghan front remained peaceful until the cold war prompted King Mohammed Zahir Shah to accept financial aid from the Soviet Union.


Spy-mania in USA secret facts

The outbreak of the First World War in August 1914, though long expected, created almost overnight an atmosphere of mass hysteria such as the world has perhaps never seen before or since.
This was the age of high nationalism and it was as though the dam of civilized thought was washed away by the flood waters of an: almost mindless patriotism. The British Foreign Secretary might: declare sadly in Parliament that the lights were going out all over, Europe. But the age of electricity had begun. The candles were not snuffed, one by one; rather was a switch turned, the light was gone, the dam burst. This was also the beginning of mass communications, the popular press raged, and those voices of reason that had prevailed even through the horrors of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars were rendered inaudible by the howling hatreds of the masses unleashed. It seemed as if almost everybody really wanted this horrible bloodshed.


The AFRICAN National Congress secrets

The African National Congress (ANC) was created at Bloemfontein, SOUTH AFRICA, on January 8, 1912, to defend the rights of the nation’s black majority from dominant racist whites.
Its first campaign was limited to opposing passage of the 1913 Land Act, which barred black Africans from owning land in broadly defined “white areas” of South Africa. That effort failed, and the ANC stagnated until 1944 when a new and more militant ANC Youth League was organized by activists Nelson Mandela, Oliver


The great secrets of human bombs society part 5/5

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sleeper cells and Fear of the Assassins

Fear of the Assassins grew not only out of their ruthlessness but also from the unpredictability of their actions, and the near impossibility of preventing an attack once a command was issued. Hasan and his successors originated and perfected the strategy of “sleeper cells,” dedicated killers dispatched to communities hundreds of miles away and instructed to meld into local society until ordered to act. These devotees might wait for years until contacted by an envoy. By this time, they could approach the victim without raising suspicion about their identity or intention.
Adding to the difficulty would be the assassin’s demeanor—calm almost pleasurable, not fearing reprisal but actually welcoming it as his entry into Paradise.


The great secrets of human bombs society part 4/5

Assassins' paradise and Hasan’s techniques
An afternoon with a barely clad girl willing to engage him in carnal delights would have the usual impact on a pubescent boy heightened even more by his narcotic-induced state of mind.
Hasan’s manipulation of his young followers spawned more than an efficient killing machine. It also spawned other fables that may or may not be rooted in reality.
As described in the ancient work Art of Imposture by Abdel-Rahman of Damascus, Hasan strengthened his power over the trusting disciples by digging a deep, narrow pit in the floor of his chambers.
Within the pit he positioned a young man, known to others in the fortress, so that only the youth’s head appeared above the level of the floor. Then, after filling in the space surrounding the young man’s body, Hasan had a two-piece circular dish with a hole in the middle set on the floor around the man’s neck as though the head were resting on a plate. To add to the subterfuge, fresh blood was poured on the plate, completing the realistic impression of a severed head.


The great secrets of human bombs society part 3/5

The beginning of assassin power
Marco Polo accurately 
Hasan’s plan was based upon building trust and loyalty among a cluster of young followers by adapting methods pioneered at the Abode of Learning. After arriving in the Alborz Mountains, he traveled to a massive fortress shadowed by high mountain peaks north and west of the present Iranian city of Qazvin.

The land here is exceptionally rugged, with nearby volcanic Mount Damavand soaring almost 6000 meters in height, creating a natural barrier between the Caspian Sea and the gently flowing plains of central Iran. For many years, Shiites fleeing persecution from Sunnis fled to the Alborz for safety. Tehran, the capital, may be barely a hundred kilometers distant, but the region remains remote to this day.


The great secrets of human bombs society part 2/5

The nine degrees of assassins' secret society
The remains of the Assassins’ original stronghold, Alamut, in northern Iran. At one

Instead of pyramids, many secret societies and religious cults tend to be organized at the epicenter of a series of concentric circles, with the ultimate power residing somewhere in the hub. Circular organizations are not nearly as easily understood or penetrated as pyramid structures are because their internal mechanism remains concealed. In addition, the number of circles can vary, meaning that outsiders are never aware of how close they may be to the actual center of power. From the foot of a pyramid, you can see the summit, but from anywhere within a circular organization you can never accurately measure your proximity to authority.
In this manner, circular organizations conceal and protect their centers more effectively than pyramid structures.


The great secrets of human bombs society part 1/5

Welcome the grisly experience of a torturous death
Hasan Sabbah.
(that Hasan’s techniques were successful, but also that they continue to be effective on a regular, almost daily, basis on the streets of Baghdad, Beirut and Tel Aviv young men and, increasingly, young women carry out terrorist activities by sacrificing themselves as human bombs, hijacked aircraft into the World Trade Center on September)

In AD 1191 Conrad of Montferrat ascended the throne as King of Jerusalem, appointed to this position by the celebrated hero of the Crusades, Richard the Lion-Hearted. After instructing Conrad to rebuild Christian forces in preparation for his return, Richard departed for home, destined to achieve immortality as a fair-haired idol in tales of Robin Hood and fables of great heroics.
Conrad, who had campaigned against Henry, Count of Champagne, for the throne, planned to glorify his reign as King of Jerusalem by driving Muslims from the Holy Land forever, earning a hallowed place in history as a Christian hero, and a seat in heaven near the right hand of God.
He had precious little time to do it. Soon after Richard departed the Holy Land, three Christian monks entered Conrad’s campsite, bowing and making the sign of the cross to all they encountered. 
Their pious actions persuaded Conrad and his warriors to let down their guard, a fatal mistake. As soon as the monks were within reach of Conrad, they withdrew daggers from beneath their cloaks and cut him to pieces, slashing and stabbing in a violent display of butchery before the guards could intervene.


U S A secrets code and cipher

Saturday, January 8, 2011

In October 1941 the Japanese government led by Prince Konoye was replaced by a purely military government, with General Tojo as premier and Shigenori Togo in charge of Foreign Affairs. The governments of Konoye and his immediate predecessors had scarcely been peacetime regimes besides being at war in China since 1931, creating the puppet state there of Manchukuo and fighting with some success an undeclared war against the Red Army in Siberia, Japan had been preparing for the expulsion of the Europeans and Americans from all East Asia but government was specifically created to fight the current major war in alliance with the Germans, who were then expecting and expected to defeat Russia within a matter of weeks. One Shigenori Togo's first actions were to call in his chief of signals Kazuji Kameyana and ask him whether the diplomatic ciphers were secure for Togo had read a book called The American Black Chamber by Herbert O. Yardley in which Yardley told much about American intelligence in the 1920 and more perhaps than he should have, and this from first hand knowledge about code and cipher-breaking before the Black Chamber was wound up in 1929.



(Romans were almost beyond belief the members of this secret group, it was said, were cannibalistic, eating human flesh and drinking human blood during secret rituals, and their gory feasts often included newborn babies.
They promoted sexual orgies among brothers and sisters)
They were among the most frightening of early secret societies a furtive group both feared and hated by citizens of the Roman Empire. Many suggested killing every man, woman and child who were members. Others proposed caution, having heard tales of bloody vengeance taken against enemies of the group. Some grew worried that their own neighbors might be society members, infecting their children with dangerous ideas and engaging them in revolting practices. A few were fascinated by the outrageous antics attributed to this secret organization; their curiosity piqued, their imaginations running rampant, they asked themselves: could these people really be so depraved?


Abwehr the new version of Gestapo nowadays

Friday, January 7, 2011

One tendency, among others, that national intelligence services have exhibited throughout this century is a frequent and repeated change of name. Since except in revolutionary conditions, and not by any means always then, the newly named apparatus usually consists of most of the same men doing approximately the same job for about the same pay, the change in nomenclature may imply little more than an administrative re-organization at a high level, which can of course be of greater or lesser importance if it brings with it a higher or lower degree of efficiency on the Part of the men and women who do the work of collecting, collating and evaluating intelligence material. It may, on the other hand, be a simple mania for secrecy as such.

In London, in 1940, everyone who was interested, and quite a few people who were not knew that the main clerical apparatus of 'M.I.5', the British army's counterintelligence service, was located in a commandeered prison called Wormwood Scrubs. It would have been easier to change the name of the organization than to move the files, but when the problem was solved by a German bomb that destroyed a large part of the records, M.I.5 did not then have publicly to change its name, simply its location.
On the other hand the K.G.B., which before that was essentially the M.V.D previously the N.K.V.D, the O.G.P.U and earlier still Lenin's Cheka has functioned, so far as this we knows, from a permanent base within the Lubyanka Prison, Moscow.


The invention of Queen Elizabeth's M.I.6 octopus

The British, or perhaps one should be more accurate in saying the English, Secret Service enjoyed for a very long time a reputation for almost uncanny efficiency. It is not hard to see how this legend arose, to the delight of the English, to frighten England's real or potential enemies, and thus to be a source of great, additional strength to England, later to Britain, to the United Kingdom and during its historically brief life to the British Empire. The collapse of the legend can be dated quite easily and in two stages.' The first was the defeat of British Intelligence in Ireland & Michael Collins and his men (and women) in the Anglo-Iris War of 1918-22. This, the loss of Ireland, led directly to t~ decline and ultimate dissolution of the British Empire as such, The second stage was the defeat, by Russia and by British communists of British intelligence in the period that followed the' Second World War. Both these episodes, of the greatest historical significance, will be dealt with later in the blog


Okhrana: the story of soviet intelligence services

Thursday, January 6, 2011

With brief periods of 'thaw' usually ascribable to internal chaos, a change of regime or both, Russia has been a police state sin its creation by Ivan IV, known as 'the Terrible', the first Czar to set up an institutionalized terror apparatus, the Oprichnina, in 1563.
This large force of brutal and brutalized men emulates their master's massive, at times exquisite, sadism. They did no merely murder individuals, but whole classes and the inhabitant of whole provinces on a scale not to be outdone before the autocracies of Lenin and Stalin. After the chaos of the seventeen century, Peter the Great, in his determination to 'Westernize' empire, employed terrorist methods that foreshadowed Stalin' collectivization of the Ukrainian peasantry.


Ancient history background About Intelligence services

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

When writing about so emotive a topic, to start with an tempt at clarification. Secret intelligence, however; is a field of an activity in which clarity appears to be, and often is, en ... gulfed in obscurity. This is not only intrinsic, but often deliberate and not infrequently self-defeating. Let us take the humble example of the squid which exudes a black fluid in order to disguise its direction of escape from a potential enemy. The squid's enemy will attempt not only to penetrate the cloud of darkness, an attempt which will probably prove a failure, but will also calculate through knowledge of currents, submarine rock formation and so forth, the direction of escape that its enemy or prey is likely to take. Meanwhile the squid itself may become bewildered and lost in its own secret cloud and even have the misfortune to emerge straight into its enemy's jaws.


The Case of the Petrified Girl

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

 In the hills of eastern Kentucky, the legend of the “petrified girl. ” Set in the little farming village of Ezel, near Morgan County, the story evokes religious accounts of “incorruptible” corpses as well as ghoulish tales of the “undead.”
Late in the last century one account says “in 1880,” another “the 1880s,” still another “around 1900”—workmen were moving graves from the old Ezel burying ground to a new cemetery site. In some accounts, the reason for the relocation is not recalled, but most state it was due to a typhoid epidemic that stemmed from the graveyard’s pollution of local wells. In the course of the disinterments, the men uncovered the grave of a young girl. Some vague accounts have neither name nor age for her, while others reach near agreement that she was “a 17-year-old daughter of a Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler” or more specifically “Minnie Wheeler, a seventeen-year-old girl.”



Exploding wine bottles, guns constructed out of pipes, bullets made of teeth, aspirin explosives: they sound like props from a second-rate spy story. Horrifyingly enough, they are real. The CIA has spent a great deal of its time and your money--developing countless bizarre weapons for assassination, sabotage, and mass destruction. If that's news to you, it's because the CIA doesn't want these products, some of which are quite easy to put together, to fall into the "wrong hands." As for whether they are in the right hands now--judge for yourself.
The CIA has developed many exotic and sophisticated devices intended for use in interrogation, sabotage, and assassination.
These weapons are necessary--if you grant that what the CIA itself does is necessary. If the CIA wants to eliminate a key KGB agent operating in Hungary, it faces certain problems. 


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