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Untold secrets about Flight 77 and Pentagon crashed

Monday, January 10, 2011

NTSB flight data indicates Flight 77 never dropped below 273 feet! Therefore, Flight 77 could not have crashed into the Pentagon, only 71 feet tall.
Data released by the NTSB in response to an FOIA request by Pilots for 911 Truth are nothing less than the raw "block box' file, the official 'flight data' recorded from Flight 77. It's a digital record of everything that happened on that flight from take off. Additionally, altitude and position are confirmed by the beacon at nearby Reagan National Airport.

The data proves that the US government is lying to us about 911. The data is consistent with those who suspect that 911 was engineered by a Bush cabal who continues to exploit 911 for geo-political reasons, the acquisition of foreign oil by conquest and the suppression of dissent.
All the documentation for this article as well as the video by Pilots for 911 truth is from the US government or official agencies of the US government, specifically the FBI and the NTSB.
The Flight data recorder is the FA2100 Solid State Flight Data Recorders, a product of L3 Communications. The purpose of a flight data recorder is to record precisely what happens to a plane during the course of the flight. According to Calum Douglas, Pilots for 911 Truth requested and eventually received a 25 megabyte .fdr file in response to its FOIA request.

Some of the more interesting findings conflict with the 'official conspiracy theory', mass media accounts, and official statements by Bush, Rumsfeld et al.
1. Last recorded altitude figure is 273 feet! The height of the Pentagon is 71. There is, in fact, no credible explanation of just how Flight 77 could possibly have crashed into the Pentagon. According to Pilots for "After take-off Flight 77 never went below 273 ft". Their assertion is based entirely upon official data released to them by the NTSB.
2. Flight 77 could not have knocked over or damaged light poles on either side of the motorway beside the Pentagon. Flight 77 data indicates that the flight was at the wrong angle of approach and much to high. The lowest altitude recorded by is 273 feet. The light poles are about 40 feet high. Flight 77s path varies by some 20 degrees a path that would caused pole damage before striking the Pentagon at the point at which it was, in fact, struck by something. According to flight data, Flight 77 was never 'anywhere near' any of the damaged poles at any time.
3. Radar altitude data from NTSB confirms the recorded flight data that Flight 77 could not have knocked over the poles. It's another hole Bush's 'official conspiracy theory'.
Among the many inconsistencies that are made clear upon the analysis of the raw data, is the fact that Flight 77 could not have struck the poles, as we have been told. Two witnesses, uniformed employees of the Department of Defense [DOD] claimed to have seen Flight 77 as it approached the Pentagon. But the said witnesses could not have seen whatever it was that struck poles. Whatever struck the poles would have been on a flight path behind the witnesses and would have been unseen by them.
The only plausible explanation is that whatever struck the Pentagon approach by way of the light poles and at an altitude that, in fact, allowed it to strike and damage the poles. I suspect that this was a missile. Certainly, Flight 77 approached from another angle, an angle that would have completely missed the poles EVEN if had been a the lower altitude.

This is a critical point. A single aircraft could not have damaged both the poles AND the Pentagon. Flight 77 was, in fact, too high at 273 feet and would not have been glimpse by DOD employees. The DOD witnesses, in fact, did not, could not have seen whatever it was that struck the poles.

The light poles, only about 40 feet high, are about 50 meters from the Pentagon. At this point the 'Reagan [airport] beacon' and the raw flight data confirms Flight 77 altitude was never lower than 273 feet. The speed of Flight 77 at some 50 meters out was over 500 mph. Even if Flight 77 had been on a trajectory to strike the poles, it's altitude was much to high. Could it have leveled off? Bluntly --no! Flight 77 had only a half second to two seconds in which to dive a couple of hundred feet and then level off thus accounting for both the light pole damage and the hit into the Pentagon. [Aerodynamics Simulation Software] Such a maneuver is outside manufacturers specifications, simply, impossible in that aircraft.

Calum Douglas presents his investigation into the flight data recorder from Flight 77 - the Indian YMCA in Fitzroy Square, London on 8th June 2007.
Flight 77 might have crashed into the Pentagon IF it had been capable of descended from an altitude of about 273 to an altitude of about 15 feet within about one half of a second. The experienced pilots state flatly that that maneuver is 'completely outside the performance envelope' of a 757. It is also 'outside the performance envelope' of one Hani Hanjour who 1) trained on a simulator and, in fact, had never set foot inside a 757; 2) was to obtain pilot certification; 3) was said by the Washington Post to have never board Flight 77 in the first place. He didn't have a ticket! His name was not on the original flight manifest. Flight manifests are not official. They are simply a head count done by staff. It is doubtful that a flight manifest would be admissible in court. A coroner's report, however, is considered to be evidence. Hani Hanjour, who was in fact reported by the Washington Post not to have been on board Flight 77, is not listed among those who were autopsied. In fact, according to the official, admissible autopsy report, NO arabs were autopsied and no arab names appear on the list of passengers who were autopsied. Every other ticketed passenger appearing on the flight manifest appears also on the autopsy list! But NOT --Hani Hanjour nor any other 'Arab' that Bush partisans have said hijacked the flight.

According to Pilots for, "it's physically impossible for the plane [flight 77] to have caused the damage to the building [Pentagon]". It was never closer than 273 feet. It's time to reassess the famous blurry, inconclusive GIF animation of something 'scooting' across the Pentagon lawn at an altitude of about fifteen feet or even less --NOT 273 feet! The GIF shows a craft that was level as it struck. Flight data indicates that Flight 77 was not only not level at that point it was much too high. It would have had to descend from 273 feet and level to some 15 feet within less than a second. Such a maneuver is outside manufacturers specifications, simply, impossible in that aircraft.

Missing from the alleged Flight 77 crash site are items that one would expect to find at a crash site: airline seats, bodies, luggage, victims clothes, arab hijackers. The only wreckage that may be immediately identifiable a single rotor that is about one third the size of one of two rotors that would have been found in the wreckage of any crashed 757 wreckage. The explanation is simple if you ignored the unproven assumptions. The explanation is that it was NOT a 757 that crashed into the Pentagon.
The rotor that was found is, in fact, the same size as the rotor of a Rolls-Royce engine that is found in the US Global Hawk! Anyone not burdened by official orthodoxy, lies and unproven assumptions need only look at the available evidence. That is, that single rotor could most certainly have been traced to a US Global Hawk --not to a 757 which, in fact, is equipped with two such rotors of diameters about three times that of the Global Hawk rotor. Besides --when NTSB data indicates that Flight 77 was never lower than some 273 feet, it is highly unlikely that it would have dropped but one of its two rotors down onto the Pentagon lawn!!

The Pentagon brass including Rumsfeld himself were safe on the opposite side of the building. Those killed were for the most part, auditors trying to locate some 2.3 trillion dollars gone missing inside the PENTAGON BLACK HOLE, in fact, a theft of some 2.3 trillion dollars from the people of the US who have paid their taxes in good faith! The American people have been betrayed, defrauded, screwed over and lied to --crimes aggravated by the loss of life at the Pentagon. The word for this is high treason, typically and historically a hanging offense! The question not if but WHO do we hang!

People are often murdered for much less than 2.3 trillion dollars. Some unfortunate souls have been done away with for a buck or two. Among the very evil, namely those calling themselves 'our' government, life is cheap at any price and well worth wasting in order to get rid of the onus of a missing 2.3 trillion dollars. The murder of US citizens by the US government will be remembered among the most heinous crimes ever perpetrated by any arch fiend in world history. Certainly --those who perpetrated this act of mass murder, this fraud, its continuing cover up should hang, publicly, so that it cannot be covered up|!

Every crime is defined by method, motive and opportunity. This article merely summarizes a method which can be re-created in some detail now and even more so when a complete investigation is begun. We have at least one very strong fiduciary motive. The US government is likewise in possession of an ideal weapon with which to murder our fellow citizens: the Global Hawk.

The opportunity was manufactured. What are the odds that Dick Cheney, as you may recall, just happened by chance to be 'gaming' a 'scenario' in which arab terrorists would crash airliners into the WTC and the Pentagon? Cheney may call it 'gaming' the 'scenario'. I call it 'supervising the mass murder of US citizens by its own government!'
Four decades ago, the novel (and movie) "Seven Days in May" was a popular political thriller about a military coup d'etat in the United States against a President who sought to scale back the Cold War. In this story, a military cabal schemed to topple the government under the guise of a military communications exercise. This "war game" was to have been used as the cover for toppling the government and installing a General as President who would stop arms control treaties with the Soviet Union.
A different fictional treatment of the use of a "war game" to perpetrate covert objectives was described in "The Lone Gunmen," a television show aired on Fox TV in March 2001. In that show, a small cabal within the military-industrial complex used a war game scenario as cover for remote control hijacking of a commercial flight and crashing it into the World Trade Center in order to boost military spending for the permanent war. This show was so close to the most likely scenario for 9/11 that it is plausible that this information was deliberately leaked in order to discredit the idea as merely part of a bad television drama, thereby inoculating people from contemplating the probability that 9/11 was a covert operation using remote controlled planes under the guise of a war game.

On September 11, at least five different "war games" were being conducted by the military and intelligence agencies. These exercises included simulations of 9/11 type events, a plane into building scenario near Dulles Airport in Virginia, and deployment of fighters to northern Canada and Alaska (which reduced the number of fighters that were available to protect the US?). It seems that these exercises were the means used to paralyze the air defenses, thereby ensuring the success of the "attacks." The British Navy was conducting exercises in the Indian ocean near the Middle East. A biowar exercise was also about to start in New York City.
Who has the power to coordinate all of these exercises? Osama bin Laden? Saddam Hussein? Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah? Dick Cheney and the White House National Security Council?

It is difficult to believe that it is a bizarre "coincidence" that the military and CIA were conducting war games similar to 9/11 on September 11, 2001. While it seems likely, if not blatantly obvious, that these war games were one of the means used to confuse the air defense system for sufficient time to allow the World Trade Center to be attacked, the war games do not answer the question of how the air defenses were suppressed for another half hour after the second tower was hit (at which time everyone knew that an attack was in progress). The Air Force had another half hour after the second tower to scramble interceptors to defend the Capitol (the plane that is alleged to have hit the Pentagon made its 180 degree turn over Ohio to head back toward DC about the time that the second tower was struck).

Former Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta confirmed that Dick Cheney ordered a 'stand down' on 9/11, as Dick Cheney was 'gaming the scenario'.
"During the time that the airplane was coming into the Pentagon, there was a young man who would come in and say to the Vice President…the plane is 50 miles out…the plane is 30 miles out….and when it got down to the plane is 10 miles out, the young man also said to the vice president "do the orders still stand?" And the Vice President turned and whipped his neck around and said "Of course the orders still stand, have you heard anything to the contrary!?
--Former Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta, 911 Commission Hearing

Mineta Testifies to 911 Commission

Journalists covering the hearing verified Mineta's testimony after the hearing. The exchange raises the question: if Cheney were willing to allow what Mineta thought was a 'hijacked' aircraft to strike the Pentagon, would compunction would have prevented Cheney from ordering or agreeing to allow a US Global Hawk to accomplish the same thing with more certainty? At the very least, Dick Cheney is guilty of high treason. At worst --high treason and mass murder.

Any government employee at any level elected or civil service who supports, plans, participates in such a crime should be subject to charges of high treason, murder, accessory, seditious conspiracy, to say nothing of violations of this administration's 'own' US Patriot Act which makes it unlawful to disseminate false information about 'terrorism'. The act of ramming a missile into the US Pentagon is an act of terrorism whether that 'missile' (as Rumsfeld called it) is a Global Hawk or a 757. Every member of the Bush administration who has lied about 911 in any way is therefore prosecutable as a 'terrorist' under the US Patriot Act! There is, in fact, a Federal Grand Jury that is investigating the many crimes of 911. I hope that the members of this panel are paying attention. I would hope that they are doing their patriotic duty to their country, to the truth, and to justice! Let the charges be issued and the trial begin! Those planning and directing this heinous crime should stand trial for their very lives.
Following is an assorted collection of stupid officialdom followed by my responses.
"It's easy to imagine an infinite number of situations where the government might legitimately give out false information. It's an unfortunate reality that the issuance of incomplete information and even misinformation by government may sometimes be perceived as necessary to protect vital interests."
—US Solicitor-General Theodore "Ted Bundy" Olson, Jennifer K. Harbury vs. United States, US Supreme Court, 17 March 2002 (Olson's 3rd wife Barbara, an ex-federal prosecutor and CNN pundit, was allegedly murdered on the invisible American Airlines Flight 77 that did NOT crash into the Pentagon). Mrs. Harbury argued her case pro se (without a lawyer) to the US Supreme Court regarding the US CIA torturing and murdering her husband in Central America during Iran-Contra narcoterrorism perped by White House and US government, which the government did not deny. (Iran-Contra treason resulted in dozens of criminal convictions and assassinations of White House staff during the Reagan and Bush Sr. administrations.)

Olson also gave about three or four conflicting and otherwise differing versions of this wife's 'alleged' telepohone calls from Flight 77. These calls were most probably impossible.
"There is no question, there is no doubt what happened that day. And I think it's appalling that anyone might try to put out that kind of myth. I think it's also appalling for anyone to continue to give those sorts of people any kind of publicity."
--Department of Defense News Briefing, Pentagon spokesperson Victoria Clarke (now employed by CNN "NEWS"), June 25, 2002

government sellouts are now paid liars on CNN!There is 'no doubt' that the government lied about 911 and continues to lie about 911. Yet --the 'sheeple' are expected to believe absurd cover stories for which there is NOT A SHRED of verifiable or even admissible evidence in support.

Note to FBI shills: spare me your disingenuous indignation and phony bullshit patriotism! Rather, help me round up the mass murderers inside a treasonous government that has most certainly waged war upon the citizenry. Those planning and calling the shots should BE shot, possibly hanged!
"I think even the suggestion of it is ludicrous. And finally, it is just an incredible, incredible insult to the friends and the relatives and the family members of the almost 200 people that got killed here on September 11th and the thousands who were killed in New York."


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