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BARBIE dolls the global brainwashing conspiracy

Monday, May 9, 2011

BARBIE dolls the global brainwashing conspiracy

Critics who denounce the Mattel Toy Company’s famous Barbie® dolls as tools of a global conspiracy are less concerned with Mattel’s acknowledged $1.5 billion sales than with Barbie®’s impact on youngsters who play with the well-endowed plastic material girl. As outlined on various Internet Web sites, the Barbie® conspiracy involves long-term brainwashing of girls (or children generally) to accept a body image that is unattainable without extensive plastic surgery, while craving a kind of parasitic “bimbo” lifestyle.

Mattel executives deny promoting any such message, either consciously or otherwise, and in 1997 filed a lawsuit against the Danish band Aqua over Aqua’s dance tune “Barbie Girl.” (Lyrics included “I’m a blonde bimbo girl in a fantasy world / Dress me up, make it tight, I’m your dolly.”) Although Mattel sued primarily for copyright infringement—Aqua’s advertising used the same “electric pink” employed in Barbie® ads for decades—lawyers for the firm made it clear that they were fighting for Barbie®’s reputation.

That lawsuit was dismissed, and appellate judge Alex Kozinski later noted that the original 1950s Barbie® resembled a “German streetwalker” before it was revamped into a long-legged all-American girl with a “fictitious figure.” The U.S. SUPREME
COURT rejected Mattel’s final appeal in January 2003. Meanwhile, the company’s announced plan to introduce “smart” Barbie® dolls drew ridicule from critics nationwide. As one put it, “Making smart Barbies is like making G.I. Joe a conscientious objector.”


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