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West leaks publishing the most secrets Evidence Related to UFO Reports

Friday, May 27, 2011

West leaks publishing the most secrets Evidence Related to UFO Reports

We decided to publish the most secrets physical evidence to UFO reports to our readers to provided you all evidences about UFO that we believe we are not alone in this world and despite of the government wishes to cover up any thing about for some (secrets profits from UFO technology) we will publish all parts of that secret report that you have all rights to know the hidden evidence about UFO
You will notice that we cut some sources names from the report and also you will find some thing like (when I am ex….) that means we insist to publish the report as how it was written without any modified so forgive us for that  

Part 1 UFO Reports Preface

In December 1996, Mr. Laurance S. Rockefeller, Chairman of the LSR Fund, invited me to review with him the status of our understanding of the problem posed by UFO reports.' We agreed that the problem is in a very un-satisfactory state of ignorance and confusion. I expressed the opinion that this problem will be resolved only by extensive and open professional scientific investigation, and that an essential prerequisite of such research is that more scientists acquire an interest in this topic.
In searching for some way to encourage such interest, Rockefeller and his colleague Mr. Henry Diamond and I conceived of a workshop at which prominent investigators of UFO reports would meet with a panel of eight or nine scientists with wide-ranging interests and expertise. We agreed that the work-shop should focus on physical evidence associated with UFO reports, and I agreed to serve as director.
This workshop should be regarded as a typical enterprise of sponsored scientific research. With administrative support of the Society for Scientific Exploration, I submitted a proposal to the LSR Fund in February 1997.
After some negotiation, this proposal was accepted, and the necessary funds were transferred from the Fund to the Society.
The Society's role has been strictly administrative: the role of the Society is to encourage and support research, not to control or direct research. Accordingly, as is normal in sponsored re-search, responsibility for the conduct of the workshop and for the preparation of this report was vested in the director.

Of course, this unofficial workshop lasting only three days is a very modest undertaking compared with the two-year-long Colorado Project that was supported by both the Air Force and the Central Intelligence Agency. Nevertheless, the intent and spirit of the workshop was such that all the participants would join with me in echoing the same aspirations that Dr. Smiley articulated in relation to the Report almost thirty years ago.


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